The function of Origen and Origenism in Jerome's construction of orthodox eschatology

Seminar with Katarina Pålsson, Lund University, arranged by C-SAC, the Centre for the Study of Antiquity & Christianity

2017.01.27 | Mikkel Pade

Date Thu 09 Feb
Time 13:15 15:00
Location AU, Campus Nobel, Build.1453, Room 513, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 3

Jerome depended on and criticized Origen in three controversies: The Jovinianist controversy, the Origenistic controversy and the Pelagian controversy. The causes of Jerome's an-ti-Origenistic polemics, the methods he used, and the effects of his theology and eschatology are examined. Theories of difference and the "Other" are used in examining which functions Origen and Origenism had in Jerome's construction of his own orthodoxy.

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