The Catholic-Donatist Schism

By Jakob Engberg

2016.09.02 | Jakob Engberg

Date Tue 11 Oct
Time 14:15 16:00
Location Aarhus University, building 1453, room 415

The schism in the African church between what became known as Catholics and Donatists split in the early fourth century one of the most vibrant Christian communities in the Mediterranean world. The Donatists, like all allegedly heretical or schismatic movements, is mostly known trough the literature of its opponents. Relatively speaking however, the Donatists left behind a surprisingly rich legacy in the form of literary, epigraphic and archeological remains. As for the literary legacy, not all of it was filtered through the polemic texts of the Donatists’ opponents, which leaves the Donatists with a still engaging voice to be studied.

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