God as an Idea and as Another Person

- in the Paradoxical Theology of Gregory Nazianzen. Seminar with Anna Usacheva, AU Postdoc, arranged by the Centre for the Study of Antiquity and Christianity (CSAC)

2016.02.04 | Mikkel Pade

Date Tue 21 Jun
Time 13:15 15:00
Location AU, Campus Nobel, Bldg. 1453, Room 513, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 3

“What is God? Is God an idea peculiar to the human mind? From the theological orations of Gregory Nazianzen we learn that he, with some reservations, agreed to this statement. Gregory considered God as an idea and even proposed a certain methodology of theological discourse appropriate to thinking through this idea. At the same time, in his complex theological apparatus, which included logical, epistemological, linguistic, ethic and pedagogical perspectives, he also secured a place for the personal meeting with God. At times screamingly logical, at times enigmatic, paradoxical the discourses of Gregory offers a tolerably clear scheme of exegetical and theological practice, which we will inspect in the presentation. We will scrutinize selected fragments of Gregory’s orations, analyze them with respect to the Hellenic logic and linguistics and discuss the peculiarities of Nazianzen’s approach.”

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Contact: J. Engberg, je@cas.au.dk



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