2013 Events

Autumn 2013 program

  • Tuesday the 24th of September 13:15-15:00, Room 415, Bldg. 1453:
    Eusebius of Vercelli, a bishop in exile. By Jörg Ulrich (Professor Dr., Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Institut für Historische Theologie).
    Seminar, a material for preparation will be provided a week before the seminar.

  • Tuesday the 22nd of October 13:15-15:00, Room 415, Bldg. 1453:
    Alke, Nicetes and Herod: minor characters from the ‘Martyrdom of Polycarp’ and the prevalence these names on inscriptions from Smyrna. Presentation by Jakob Engberg (Associate Professor, PhD)

  • Monday the 4th of November to Wednesday the 6th of November
    Image of the Prophet in the First Millennium
    Seminar at Klitgaarden, Skagen.
    For further information contact PhD-student, MA Søren S. Jensen, ssj@teo.au.dk, there are only a limited number of places, and priority is given firstly to members of C-SAC and secondly to members of the research-programme Classical Antiquity.  


Earlier events in 2013

  • Tuesday the 19th of February 14:15-16:00, Room 515, Bldg. 1451:
    Birgitte Bøgh: Religious communities in the mystery cults

  • Tuesday the 19th of March 13:15-15:00, Room 515, Bldg. 1451:
    Søren Søndergard Jensen: From the Qu’r?n to the Hebrew Bible and back - an incursion into prophetologies of The First Millennium.

  • Thursday the 25th of April 13:15-15:00, Room 513, Bldg. 1453:
    Anders-Christian Jacobsen: The Image of Jerusalem in Greek Patristic Authors: From metaphor to place.

  • Tuesday the 21st of May 13:15-15:00, Room 515, Bldg. 1453:
    Carmen Cvetkovic: Augustine’s Theology of Conversion