In between Metaphors: Marian Imagery in Romanos the Melodist(Arentzen) and The homiletics of Romanos the Melodist. Scripture, exegesis and application in the kontakion "On the Ten Virgins"(Eriksen)

Lecture with Dr. Thomas Arentzen (University of Lund) and Ph.D. Uffe Holmsgaard Eriksen(AU)

2015.02.12 | Sita Malene Jensen

Date Mon 20 Apr
Time 13:15 16:00
Location Aarhus University, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 3, bygning 1453, lokale 415

Dr. Thomas Arentzen: In between Metaphors: Marian Imagery in Romanos the Melodist

Romanos is one of our richest sources for understanding the evolving cult of the Virgin Mary in the sixth century. In his long semi-liturgical songs Mary takes center stage, and Romanos develops abounding poetic imagery in order to presenter her vividly before the Constantinopolitan crowds. I will explore how he weaves her into his patterns of images and how she comes to share metaphors with her Son.


Ph.D., Uffe Holmsgaard Eriksen: The Homiletics of Romanos the Melodist. Scripture, exegesis, and application in the kontakion"On the Ten Virgins"(SC31/047)

The kontakia (hymns) of the 6th century Byzantine poet, Romanos the Melodist, are often referred to as “sung sermons”. The classification of the kontakia as sermons has been based on the assumption that a lesson from the Gospels was read out aloud before the kontakion was sung. Some scholars even claim that it took the place of a prose homily in the 6th century liturgy. Although this assumption has been criticized in recent year, I will nevertheless focus on instances where Romanos speaks less as a poet and more as a preacher. In the paper, I outline the “sermonic” dimension in his hymns and analyze his “homiletics”, i.e. the way in which he interprets and directly comments on scriptural passages.